How to Clean Your Car’s Interior

How to Clean Your Car’s Interior

Cleaning the interior of your VMC car is not hard; however, it can be fiddly and time-consuming, with a lot of crannies and nooks where dirt and dust can hide.

Cleaning your car’s interior is essential for maintenance plus value. If you have too much debris and rubbish on the dashboard or floor, it can end up interfering with your driving. Furthermore, if your windows are too dirty, the grime can end up preventing you from seeing any oncoming cars, which can cause a wreck. Here is how to clean your car’s interior like a professional.

Clear out All the Rubbish

Before you begin wiping your dashboard and cleaning seats, it is essential to remove all the rubbish and any unwanted items from your car. Put all the rubbish in a rubbish bag.

Get Your Mats Out

Mats are meant to be stepped over; use water and a little soap to clean them. Although most of the mats can be washed, you should check your vehicle’s handbook just to be sure. Take interior cleaner and spray it on the mats; use a hosepipe to wash it off and hang them out to dry. They’ll be dry by the time you finish washing the rest of your car.

Clean and Polish Your Dashboard

Dashboards always collect debris, dust and fingerprints, and they can begin to look dirty and faded very fast. Use a damp rag with glass cleaner or household cleaner to clean your dashboard.

Clean the Windows of Your Car

Cleaning glass on your car’s interior is nearly as vital as cleaning the outside: smears, dust and fingerprints on the inside of your windscreen can end up reducing visibility and result in dangerous dazzle when it is sunny.

Use a moist microfibre towel with window cleaner to clean your windows. Microfibre towels are perfect for cleaning car windows because they help in removing tough stains as well as in avoiding streaking. Use a circular motion when cleaning the interior of all the windows.

Flip the microfibre towel on the side that’s clean and polish the car windows to remove streaks. You should pay attention to the edges and corners of the windows. Apply the buff and cleaner for the second time if it’s necessary.

Cleaning the Ventilation System of Your Car

Close all the air vents, then turn on the ignition. Turn up the heater blower to full speed, then one at a time, open the vents. This will blast out dust from the ventilation system. Give it ten minutes for things to settle, then begin hoovering the dislodged dirt. For the carpets and seats, use the brush attachment, and do not forget to slide the front car seats backwards and forward to enable you to get under them.

Cleaning the Seats

If they are leather, they must be conditioned and cleaned or else they’ll crack and dry out. Use a soft brush plus an appropriate cleaner like saddle soap to clean your seats. After this, condition your seats. Always test a new cleaner on a small, out-of-sight area. If it works well, you can proceed with cleaning your seats. You want to spruce up your seats not to fade them.

If your seats are made from upholstery, check the manual for your car to find out the approved cleaners that you can use. First, hoover your seats and then use a foam or any other cleaning products on your seats. Hoover your seats a second time.

Do not use window cleaner on your upholstered fabric seats. However, you can use a carpet cleaner on them. In this case, clean the seats the same way you always clean your home carpets.

Kill Bacteria and Odours

Germs will always gather on the internal surface of your car. Also, odour from food plus other sources will always stay in your vehicle and its air conditioning system. Use an odour-eliminating spray, like Simoniz Odour Neutraliser, to make your car smell fresh.

If you love your car, you should always take care of its interior.

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