Gold Plus

Mechanical Breakdown Warranty

Including failure due to age as well as wear and tear

Gold Plus Warranty


As standard, all our used cars are sold with a three month warranty at no extra cost to ensure you don’t encounter any problems in your first few months of ownership.

Although we have a strict buying philosophy when it comes to our stock, used cars are likely to develop mechanical problems as they get older even if they're well looked after. To protect yourself against a potentially hefty repair bill, you can purchase an extended Gold Plus warranty from AutoProtect.

Our Gold Plus warranty cover is designed to help with the cost of repairs, including replacement parts, labour and VAT. Unlike many comparable products, it also includes parts that fail as a result of age and wear and tear.

You can take out a policy anywhere between 3 and 48 months with an unlimited number of claims available. If you submit a valid claim, AutoProtect guarantee to make quick repayments.

Increasing Cost as Car Ages

As cars go passed the standard manufacturer warranty period,
they're more likely to break down and incur large repair costs.

Prices start from

£299 + VAT

(That's just £6.90 per week.)


Our Gold Plus Warranty is designed to help with the cost of repairs, including replacement parts, labour and VAT.

When you consider that modern vehicles contain over 1,000 components - any of which might fail over time - the impact on your pocket could be painful.

Replacement Costs


Some of the mechanical and electrical parts included in our Gold Plus Warranty are listed below alongside key benefits:

  • Mechanical and electrical parts that fail due to age and wear and tear
  • Costs of parts, labour and VAT
  • National repair network
  • 3 to 48 month options available
  • Fast payment of valid claims
  • Comprehensive parts included
  • Recovery*
  • Unlimited number of claims
  • Purchase price claims limit
The listed components are subject to the terms as described in your warranty agreement and are also subject to certain limitations in the maximum amount paid in the event of a breakdown. Please ask your Victoria Motor Company sales advisor for further details.

Parts costs are based on a four year old Ford Mondeo. Labour costs are based upon standard ICME rates. Estimated prices include VAT. Your statutory rights are not affected by the terms of this Mechanical Breakdown Warranty. * Optional.


For an additional fee, our Gold Plus warranty will also come with Customer Protect Assist* which is a breakdown service attended by the RAC. This ensures that you're protected if your car breaks down in the UK as well as having the cost of the repairs covered.

Customer Protect Assist comes with recovery at home and the roadside. A recovery operator from the RAC will be dispatched to your location.

They will attempt to repair your vehicle on the spot, but if a repair isn't possible, you, up to seven passengers and your car will be taken to the nearest approved garage. In the event there isn't a garage nearby, you'll be transported to a destination of your choice.

*Customer Protect Assist handled by RAC is subject to terms and conditions. These are available from your Victoria Motor Company sales advisor.